TGIF.. got woken up this morning abruptly by my alarm to Metallica..  I think I should change my radio station to something a little more calm? My eyes were so red and I felt abnormally tired (oh wait- nope that's how I always feel at 2:30am!).. UGH.. all I wanted to do was close my eyes for a little longer! Coffee was much needed today. After not drinking if for months now- when I do need it it helps! (Thanks Mom for the DDD.. dunkin donuts delivery) This weekend suppose to be pretty nice- not as warm as it's been but at least it'll be dry. Tomorrow morning or Sunday planning on making some Cinnamon Rolls! Been looking at recipes forever and finally found one that's worthy to try.. tweeking it a bit though to make it a little more healthy. Hope they come out alright!.. stay tuned ;p

Got home from work today and got right outside! Ran 4 miles today ave 8:22, zone 3, finally broke the 8:30 pace, and still felt good! As I was coming down my street I noticed another Runner.. and it was!.. That Runner Chick! hehehe :) Tomorrow is 7 miles, let's hope I can keep that pace! Tonight nothing much planned- some T.V. time while JB has his fantasy baseball draft! (ohhhh lord).

 green tip. Short Shower- Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.