KaRMa’s a..

Long time- No Blog-
O.K. so I’ve been workin’ workin’ workin’ all weekend. Yesterday was the usual- an overdose Pt. that just ended up being high all day (annoying the crap out of me), a little old lady with stories to tell about EVERYTHING and anything, a whiny chick with “flu symptoms” who brought her baby to hang out in a germ infested ER.. oh and old man who spoke Greek and only Greek.. man I was happy to punch out @ 15:23.. only to return again at 3am. With the whole “spring forward” time change I went to bed super early and got up at 0130, because 2am turned into 3am as I swiped in Sunday morning! It was a bit confusing! (anyone else have some confusion here or was is just me?)
Sunday started just like Saturday, busy. So requested to go to the CDU @ 7am with my girl KT- thinking we would have a nice, relaxing, no drama day. Well- KARMA is A BITCH..after figuring out all the order’s that weren’t done, I managed to get all my patients settled. I’m a pretty organized person- so when things aren’t in order- I get them in order! Once noon rolled around I was caught up.. and very tired! The time change was catching up with me.. as the next 3 hours dragged on. It seems to always be feast or famine in the ER.. either one is brutal. OK- enough complaining!! :)

So here’s some pretty fun news, found out that there’s a “runner chick” that lives right in my neighborhood! And she and her husband are super athletic too! JB and I got nothing’ on them.. :P I better ramp up my training. hehe- suppose to be meeting her sometime soon- and very excited about it.. finally another young couple in this neighborhood!

Time for some relaxing.. and catch up on my reading before hittin’ the hay..

green tip. Turn the water off when you brush: Your parents have said this before, now I say it. You will save 4 gallons of water doing this alone.