wait.. you sew?

Bike today was a longer one. Did 1 hour spinning in zone 3, then pyramids 1-2-3-2-1.. there’s my view for an hour and 45 minutes.. a few dates on the table for 1/2 way and Sly guy scoping out the neighbors :o) There’s my sewing machine too!.. don’t laugh. 105 minutes in zone 3, Averaged 15 mph. I’m amazed at how much snow has melted, just looking out the window- you can see grass across the street! Suppose to be getting rain though so floods are eminent! Thankfully we live on a huuuuge hill, so no flooding here.. yet?

Felt pretty good the whole time, but STILL annoyed with my shifting, after bringing it home from Quad Cycles I thought it would be all fixed, but nope! They fixed the rear shifter, and doubtfully even looked at the front. GRRRR- Soo annoying, not sure what to do now..

After the ride, ate some lunch and did some laundry. Read a little bit from No-Meat Athlete about recovery nutrition and what your body needs.. I do love a glass of chocolate milk- but there’s so much more to it. Post workout I have a scoop of NOW protein in 4 oz. V8 fusion will do @ ~100 calories. Pre-workout I just hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and maybe a few dates, prunes or 1/2 of an apple.

Mom and I went to Sam’s club for a few things after lunch. Got a bunch of walnuts, mixed nuts, eggs, fruit and lettuce.. staples in this house! Dinner tonight is Salmon- made my maple panko crust and a sweet potato.. mmmm mm m

What’s your favorite pre-workout and post workout meal or drink?

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Slowwww Motion

Yesterday was in Slow-Mo. Arrived at work at 3am. Having one patient was nice and all- but it sure made the day drag. Once that patient was discharged, another patient arrived from triage- nothing exciting which made the day keep dragging. Wasn’t until 8 hours into my shift at 11am, when I finally got going. An ambulance brought in a sick guy, intbated, COPD exacerbation and septic. Kept me busy until I left @3pm! Usually we don’t keep these patients that long in the ER- but the ICU was full, waiting on transfers to the floor.
Once I left work- I began the debate in my head.. to run or not to run? I’m so tired at 4pm… ugh- “naaaaaah!” I thought because I have to get ready to go out with Heather tonight and I don’t want to be rushing around. “Buuuuuuuut- you’ll be done before you know it and feel so much better..” O.K., O.K, strapped on my HR monitor and sneakers and did it.. Once I got going I felt much better, but my legs did feel like cement blocks:  Zone 2, 4 miles Ave. 8:45 pace.  Some core work followed, then headed out with Heather to the Manor for dinner! We shared the hummus (soooooo good) and I got the Gyro platter. Chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, feta served with pita wedges and a Greek yogurt sauce (eh- it was alright, kind of akward to eat, so won’t be ordering that again).. Once I got home, exhausted.. I went right to bed!

What types of thoughts go through your head after work and you just don’t want to exercise? Anyone else get guilt trips and just do it?!

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