Headed to Quad Cycles today to drop my bike off to get tuned up! Hopefully it will shift like butter once I get it back. Presumably tomorrow! Tomorrow is suppose to be a balmy 48 degrees! Can’t wait to run outside. Runnin’ 6 miles tomorrow. Today ran on the dreadmill for 3 miles, just an easy run today, zone 1- followed by core work.
Dinner tonight was from West Boylston Seafood- got the grilled dry rub salmon.. sooo good! JB got the lemon-pepper rainbow trout.. I tried it- a little to lemony for my liking, but still yummy.

Haven’t done much new cooking lately- planning on cooking SOMETHING this weekend, maybe some cookies or muffins of something- not sure yet! So the homemade deodorant works great with the new recipe- gonna make some more this weekend and i’ll update you on the measurements.

Ever heard of ancestry.com? JB and I were watching “who do you think you are?” and thinking how cool it would be to find out our past.. hmm.. someday. Oh and so about the whole Sly thing- not going to let it bother us. What will be will be.

I can’t believe it’s already March.. racing season is fast approaching! Looking @ USAT.comĀ  reading a great article about Nutrition Know How.. Weigh body composition goals carefully, Focus on quality (calories count!), Start to nail down your training nutrition strategies, Practice all the fundamentals (stay hydrated!), Eating on the run