After getting a notice in the mail yesterday, I was infuriated and just disgusted at what I read. Breed Specific Legislation is going to be in full swing in Worcester starting April. Take a peek @ the new laws against Pitbulls. Not everydog.. JUST “PITBULLS”. As I read the letter, Sly sat at my feet with his toy wanting to play. Viscious hu?.. Thank you to all the politicians of Worcester for making the Dog’s pay for the humans idiot behavior by passing this ordiance. The owners are the ones that need education and legislation action, not the dogs.Call me crazy but doesn’t this sound like racism?

Soooo- barely got any sleep thinking about how insane this is, working 3a-3p today is going to be real fun. Great day all in all. (sense my sarcasm in this post?).

How is this fair? Feel free to chime in and tell me because I can’t find anything that makes sense.. other than the spay-neuter program.