they came out great!

The Whole Wheat Pita chips came out yummy! and so easy to make.
Preheat oven 375
for 4-5 medium size pita pockets.. cut into triangles-
1/4 c EVOO
1/8 t. each : red pepper flakes, chili powder, pepper, salt, fresh chopped garlic..

mix together, place pita’s on grate, brush seasoned oil on pita triangles (both sides if you like).. bake for 10-13 minutes until lightly browned. let cool and enjoy with the homemade Hummus :o)

What’s up for the week? Well tomorrow- after a 2 hour bike ride- I’m thinking about getting my hair cut.. yes at an actual beauty salon. NOT having JB cut it this time. I’m feeling like layer’s might work cuz my hair is getting very long. I really want it to look good- so we’ll see how it goes!.. i just hope i don’t wimp out… I’ll post a picture tomorrow when I do, then I will have to do it!

Tuesday JB and I are planning on going to the Mountain for some snowboarding- seeing as though all last week was school vacation week- so our passes restrict us from going! And a 3 mile run with a swim.

Wednesday working & a 4 mile run with core work. Thursday- an hour bike ride after work.  Friday a 3 mile run & core work, then bringing my Jamis to Quad Cycles for a complete tune up, hopefully to fix my shifting!

What’s do you have planned this week? anything exciting?

Now That’s good Sushi!

So last night went to BABA on Park ave. in Worcester.. Probably THE BEST SUSHII have ever had. We got a few different rolls and split them.. and they were all awesome. I can’t wait to have my leftover’s for lunch today!

Sunday! Sunday!… while JB slept in.. I decided to get all our Sunday chores done so we can enjoy the day! Meatballs are made, lunches are all set, trash is bagged, dishwasher running and laundry is going! Going to try and make some Baked Whole Wheat pita chips today to enjoy with the homemade hummus… check back later to see how they came out!

So update on the deodorant.. it works awesome! Smells amazing and glides right on (thanks to the coconut oil) Tea Tree Coconut scent is refreshing but not overpowering. Making your own deodorant is not only cost effective but non-toxic too.

Today is also and off workout day.. just doing some reading on Lactate threshold and how to improve endurance on

green tip. Try using fabric for wrapping gifts. Inexpensive remnants can be bought for any season or occasion. Tie the fabric with colored yarn.. then it’s theirs to re-use!