Happy Presidents day! Workout today was good. Headed to the YMCA for a 3 mile run and 25 min swim. Run was uneventful, averaged about 8:45-ish. Kept my HR in Zone 3, Averaged about 138.Swim was o.k. I always feel so lost in the pool. I've got to get some sort of workout going for swimming, but not feeling like a "real" swimmer is taking it's toll on my awkwardness. Today I swam freestyle for the majority, then some pulling and kicks with the kick board and buoy, then attempted to learn bilateral breathing. It would be much nicer if I could do this breathing, but doing one sided breathing for so long, it's hard to learn something new. Practice makes perfect I hope! Also, going to take advantage of my free swim lesson from the Y soon as well. Maybe then I'll look forward to swimming! (HAHA)

After getting home from the gym, we made breakfast for dinner! (one of my favorites!) here's JB's plate.. a bacon, cheese, onion and pepper omelet, with corn beef hash, and a bagel:

And mine was just as good, just a bit smaller :)

Did some reading today too- which was kind of nice.. been reading this book: Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. Really great information about nutrition, vitamins and really everything about what you eat and drink! So far so good..

green tip. Seasonal eating is easy in summer, when produce at the local farmers' markets is abundant. But in winter, across wide swaths of the U.S., the options tend to dwindle after the fall harvest. But with a little creativity, you can create wonders with those familiar seasonal ingredients root vegetables, winter squashes, kale and other winter greens, along with preserved foods and maybe some sustainably raised meat. Don't let winter be a barrier to seasonal eating, so go try a new winter recipe!