Hittin' the pavement..

Sooo nice out today! A balmy 54 degrees and sunny here in Worcester. JB and I went snowboarding again today, got some good runs in! The mountain was kind of crowded for a Friday morning, before school vacation and all.. which was kind of annoying, but we made the most of it! On our way home from the Mtn, we decided that we would go for a bike ride.. despite all the puddles and narrow roads. After lunch, we took the bikes off the trainer and outside where they belong! It felt great to get back outside.. although was it worth it? all the mud, getting soaked? YEP! my bike didn't like it though.. poor Jamis..(don't mind the two different color tires.. I told you I was changing them! and forgot to mention I'm also saving about a Lb with the new black ones :)

Did a solid 15 miles, good enough for us, especially in these conditions! Averaged about 15mph, HR 140. Once we got back it was time to clean our bikes! which took a little longer than expected.. there was dirt and mud EVERYWHERE!

Did you take advantage of today's beautiful weather?  

I've been dying to try a new "green" smoothie recipe.. Found this one so just might have to head to the nutrition source and get me some dates to make it tomorrow!

  • one dried date
  • 2 peeled clementines
  • 1 cup raw spinach
  • 1/4 c plain Greek yogurt
  • 10 ice cubes

green tip. bundle buy- When ordering online consider all the things you need to buy at once to reduce on packaging & shipping cost!