well that was sloppy..

The run outside today that is.. 54 degrees out I couldn’t pass up a run outside! 4 miles of sloppy, slushy, and puddle filled roads. Felt great, other than getting soaked. Got beeped at and yelled at too which was awesome.. NOT! (nice people we have here in Worcester) 8:50ish pace the whole way. JB, Sly and I went for a snowshoeing hike today as well. Headed to the Rail Trail in Holden.. snow was a little wet, but the snowshoes kept us up..

Today cleaned out the fridge.. so here’s a “Cribs” style shot.. what’s in your fridge?I love rearranging and cleaning things, JB hates it because he can never find anything! But the fridge was way over due for a clean.. a lot for two people hu?

Dinner tonight- JB and I went out to dinner with his mom to The Manor restaurant in WB. Got the pesto salmon again, because it was so good last time, and we got the loaded nacho’s to start.. they were wicked good! I was praying they werent going to be with the gross liquid cheese, and they weren’t.. and it was great..

Suppose to go out tomorrow night- but changed it to tonight.. good thing because we’ve got plans tomorrow night too.. (although- wish I could make it to a certain party.)

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