Today was kind of a boring day in the ChefNurse world. JB and I actually slept in! (past 7am) We got up at 930am! Man- I haven’t slept that long in a while, but it felt so good. Made some eggs for breakfast then headed upstairs to the trainer for an hour ride. (ave hr:142, some intervals and big gears) Last night I changed the bar tape and one of the tires (why change the back when it’s going to get eaten up by the trainer!) Went from white to black. It looks awesome! Once the back tire is done, i’ll let you see it :) Tomorrow is a run day.. maybe outside?

JB and I are enjoying the vacation week- A LOT. we are getting a lot done! And we’re saving some $$$ doing this “staycation” thing. Although we would love to be on a tropical island on the beach, we are making the most of it. We went to Wachusett Mtn. today and did some snowboarding which was nice. Kinda icy conditions but it was aiiight.

Dinner tonight was salmon stir fry, and going out to dinner with JB’s mom tomorrow.. can’t wait!

See I told you- kind of boring right? ..Where should we eat out tomorrow?

green tip. Recycle and Compost- By doing these two things you can save almost 1/2 the space in your trash bin- and when you have to pay for trash bags, this is saving the earth and saving you $$$!