Support our Troops..

This morning headed to Reading, MA for the deployment ceremony for my Brother who is part of the 26th Yankee Brigade of the Army National Guard. Great ceremony, teary eyed and sniffly- I said goodbye.. rather- see you later. So many families and friends were there to support these men and women it was really touching. Dave is one of many, who will come home safe. He’s truly my hero: second time overseas to fight this War. Let the countdown begin until he comes home!..
 ..the Bro’s and I :) <3 xoxox

After a nice ceremony, headed home for some quick lunch then headed to the Gym. Went at 2pm.. perfect time to go! it was empty and awesome! Ran 3 miles today @about 9min/mi then did some core work. So I’m planning on doing the Worcester 1/2 Marathon in June, so my focus is more running now. Wore my Nike Free sneaks to give them a whirl again.. and man did they work my legs! The minimalist sneaker is key to stability and leg strength.
Looking to get a Garmin forerunner for my training.. anyone have one?

Vacation is very relaxing, nothing planned really which has been super nice. Did some groceries yesterday and got these guys @ Trader’s. I would def. recommend them :) so yummy!

green tip. Reuse a ketchup squeeze bottle to make the perfect pancake batter dispenser!