Happy Valentine’s Day..

Woke up today, and found this waiting for me :o) He’s the best!

No Sunday Blues for us last night because vacation week has begun! Today headed to the Gym, ran 2.2 miles @835 pace, then went to the pool.. a place i haven’t been in a long time.. probably over two months! But after chatting with the family last night and convincing Monica, Eric and Erin (who was already down for it) to participate in the Falmouth Sprit TRI this summer! Since we now have a place to stay 10 min away, it’s going to be perfect and so much fun! Erin and I are doing it all, and the others will be a relay team. Eric swims, JB on the Bike and Monica is going to kill it on the run! (Booo Joe for not wanting to join us!). I’m also thinking about doing the Worcester Half Marathon this summer too.. so let the training begin!

So have a Happy Valentines day! :)

Our second home.

Before heading to the Cape for the day, wanted to make a breakfast smoothie.. and it was so worth it!

Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie:
1/2 fresh banana
3 fresh strawberries (or frozen)
1/4 c. fresh blueberries (or frozen)
1- 6oz plain green yogurt
2 T Flax seeds
2 ice cubes

If you don’t have fresh berries, use frozen and omit the 2 ice cubes.. Blend all together and enjoy!

Mom made an amazing turkey dinner at the new house.. our first family meal there (of many!)  The house is AMAZING! took Sly with us to check out the paths and stuff.. There’s a 10 mile bike path right behind the house that we will be taking full advantage of! Beach is about a half a mile away and shops and restaurants too.. Summer can’t come fast enough!

Today was a nice off day, besides didn’t have much time to work out anyways! Tomorrow’s workout: run and swim.. yes swim! we’ll see how that goes..

green tip. BULK up: Buying items in bulk will cut down the amount of packaging you throw away.