The Daily Mile!

So found this AWESOME web site.. well actually JB found (ok!) It’s a logging site for athletes.. kind of like the Fitness Facebook. You can find friends in your area, see their workouts, post your own workouts and log some serious miles.  It is super easy to use and wicked easy to sign up! OK- so sounds pretty awesome right? now check it out  @ Daily Mile

Went to Spin class this morning at the Y.. haven’t been in like two weeks, and it was so nice to get back there! It’s so much more motivating @class than on the trainer @home. Ave HR 150, did 22 miles and felt great!
Yesterday went to get some fresh fruit.. and watermelon being one of my most favorite fruits.. i just had to indulge! It’s mini and perfect:

what’s for Lunch? Tuscan Panini:
2 slices of any bread you like
Mozzarella Cheese
3 mini portabella mushrooms thinly sliced
1 t. Pesto sauce
2 Roasted red peppers

saute mushrooms until tender, meanwhile heat up panini press..

Smear some pesto on bread (both pieces) layer mushroom, roasted red peppers then mozzarella, cook on panini for 5-8 min until cheese is melted.. SO GOOD! :)

JB and I are headed to Lowe’s to find some closet stuff to make the most space in the master closet! wish us luck :)