got your beach cruiser?

Went out with Mom today, starting shopping for stuff to put in the Cape house! Sooooo excited to have a place to go to this summer :o) Can’t wait! JB and I are looking at purchasing some beach cruisers or hybrids to cruise around town, and get to the beach down the road.. from sleek road bike to beach cruiser looking thing with a basket? haha.. should be fun!

Gym today was the bike for an hour, ave hr 148. My HR monitor has a feature on it to see how fast your heart recovers in one minute.. I got it to 61 today!

What’s for dinner tonight? Chicken n’ onion Quesadillas.. (with a side salad)
Lite Mexican shredded cheese
One large onion chopped and sauteed
Habanero Lime tortillas
cooked diced chicken..
put one tortilla on the panini grill, cover with cheese, spread chicken and onions on it, then top with another tortilla..spicy and yummy!green tip. See how Green you are: Go to The Good Guide and see where all your stuff ranks for being green. From toothpaste to laundry detergent to dog food.. check it out!