please don’t fall. please don’t fall..

Got up at the usual 0230 alarm (damn you) ..Rolled out of bed, went to work for 3a-11a (just doing 8 hours today should be a treat!) Had a pretty nice day today, in the CDU (again) but it was nice.. nothing crazy like it’s been. Worked on my cookbook a little bit :) Taking all my recipes to paper so it’ll be easier to find things and whatnot.

So- I said I would take some updated pics today of ALL the snow we have gotten so far up here in MA.. so here you go all you warm weather peeps.. take a look!Can you see the mailbox? haha
Almost up to the window! Suppose to get another 4-6in on Saturday so maybe we’ll be in Epic deepness! The roads are soooo narrow, and it’s kinda scary taking turns because you just can’t see whats coming around the HUGE snow banks. Been lucky so far, the Murano has been a blessing this winter (..knocking on wood).

Oh, so also we’ve been hearing a lot about Roof’s collapsing right? I had a patient the other day who was shoveling his roof, and fell off, breaking his back no longer able to move his legs.. so watching my neighbor shovel his roof was very veeery verrrrry nerve racking! He finally finished, and I finally relaxed. I could just picture it, him taking the plunge and me running out to maintain spinal precautions while calling 911.. Thank got I just had to imagine it.
Once that was over, headed to the gym for a run and some arm work.. kinda packed so didn’t overstay my welcome.. tomorrow will head there for a bike ride.

Green tip. Don’t just cook. Cook from scratch. Whole, natural ingredients are better for you. Avoid the pre-packaged stuff, and you’ll avoid preservatives, additives and the wasted packaging material.