So 3p-11p, I can sum it up in one word: INSANE.. it was absolutely crazy, I was trauma float so I was bouncing around helping people out all night, starting ambulances in hallway spots that weren’t even hallway spots. Actually having to make my own sign to signify where the patient was in relation to out computer system so they wouldn’t get lost!.. ugh- just a nightmare. So many patients and so little resources. What ever happened to just being sick on the couch? You don’t need to come to the E.R for the FLU! an AMBULANCE! (ok I’m done ranting)

..I dare not go out in this blizzard!.. suppose to get 10in. today and another 16in. tomorrow?! YIKES!! THANK GOD I don’t have to work, and JB will be home tomorrow :o) Had a Doc appt. this morning.. got a nice call from Dad with a pick up time.. he’s got a mammoth SUV, the thing was a beast in the snow, had no problems. (unlike the rest of Worcester!) Wish we could have helped people out, but we would have been out there all day!

just the beginning here: (more pics tomorrow!)
Had a craving for Homemade Hummus. Last time I made it, it came out horrible- so decided to give it a go again: put all in blender-
4 garlic cloves, 1 : 15oz. can chick peas (drained and rinsed), 1/4 c water, 3T lemon juice, 1/3 c. Tahini, 2 T EVOO, 1/4 t salt (if you want), 1/4 t. parsley.. blend until smooth, season to taste.Not only is it yummy- it’s waaaaay cheaper than store bought too! :) came out great this time! Thanks Mom for the Tahini (Feel better! :)
Popped the bike on the trainer today since there’s no way I was heading out in the snow.. 90 minutes.. tomorrow JB and I both have the day off.. to snow blow and shovel more snow! Hmm…. and what else can I cook? Any ideas?

green tip. Vacation?: Take a “staycation” and cut down on carbon emissions while rediscovering the joys of your own community, instead of jet-setting off into the distance at the first sign of a holiday.