Crock Pot Sunday’s..

Snowshoeing was on the agenda today!.. after an egg n’ fruit breakfast..
JB, Sly and I headed out to Trout Brook for some snowshoeing.. We wanted to bring Sly- hoping the trail would be a little packed so he wouldn’t be lost in the snow! He was leading the way as usual. Once we got home we got our crock pot dinner ready..

Greek Chicken and Rice
Brown chicken thighs in a pan with some Canola Oil. Once done, place in a non-stick sprayed crock pot with a bed of green peppers (1 large) and 2 Large chopped onions. arrange the chicken skin side up on top on pepper and onions then sprinkle with 1 T. oregano, 1/2 t. rosemary, 1/2 t. garlic powder , 1/4 pepper and 1/4 salt (or less).. Cook on High 4 Hours until done, going to serve over Rice and top with feta.. mmmm can’t wait!
green tip. Have a bunch of old stuff laying around the house? Consider selling the items on Ebay & donating all proceeds to your favorite charity.. No need to waste, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!