Waist Deep..

Stress test went fine the other day. They could tell I was an athlete.. just chillin’ HR 53 BP:86/62.. normal for me.. alarming for others! So I started the test and usually the norm is to go 5-10 min to get to your max HR. They wanted my HR to get to 165 (no big deal right?) So I got going, after 15 minutes of a decent incline and faster and faster treadmill- the attending doctor came in and asked me what the deal is?.. I told him I work out, so he said go as long as I can.. That’s what I did. So I kept awkwardly running, having to hold onto the safety bar, EKG wires attached and the tech taking my blood pressure all at the same time. Went for a good 17 and a half minutes, got the HR to 174.. pretty impressive they said! eh- it was ok ..could have gone longer but they were happy with that. No chest pain which was awesome and no EKG changes :) Immediately after they lie you down on a stretcher to take a continuous HR and BP’s.. HR went from 174 to under 100 in less than 2 minutes. A-OK in my book! As they told me to take it easy the rest of the day.. Little did they know After I left I went to the gym and did some “more” intervals on the treadmill.

OK so check out the amount of snow we have so far.. suppose to get some more next week too! yikes! Where are we going to put it? Took Sly for a walk yesterday and he loved it.. minus getting stuck a few times in the deep parts, but other that that, we never knew he was such a Husky!..

don’t know who’s car this is but we saw this down the street.. man does this suck:
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