Thai Basil Noodles with Shrimp

Headed up to the Mountain this morning.. conditions were great! we got a few inches of fresh snow so the slopes were covered with fresh powder.. however the wind chill was sooo cold.. totally worth it though. Gym after boarding consisted of an Hour bike ride.. watching a man with a sweet rat tail.. God I love people watching. Another one I found amusing was a woman walking around the tiny track.. texting or doing something on her phone the whole time.. interesting? work tomorrow 3-3 tomorrow.. bed early tonight! after this dish: what's for dinner tonight? Thai Basil noodles with "mini shrimpies"

Basil pesto sauce: combine in food processor until mixed to paste- 1- 2.5 oz. Pkg basil 2 T sesame seeds 5 Garlic cloves 3 Hot chili's 2.5 t fish sauce 2.5 t lime juice 3-4 T. canola or EVOO

cook 1 Pkg. Soba noodles to directions, drain then place back in pot, add in Basil paste, 2 cups of mini shrimps (cooked, de-veined and thawed), mix well and serve. (May need to drizzle with EVOO @ end if too dry) *Top with Peanuts and pepper*

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