So the weather man was right!

So the forecast was SNOW SNOW SNOW and MORE SNOW today all day.. and that’s just what we got.. ended up getting probably 2 feet of snow. Thankfully didn’t lose power though! How can people live in New England, especially in this part and NOT own a snow blower? I just don’t get it! seriously, the snow drifts up where we live are crazy, never mind when the snow plow pushes the snow into the driveway, I couldn’t imagine doing it all with a stupid shovel. Stuck inside all day I was cleaning, doing loads of laundry, can’t wait for tomorrow I’ll venture out to the gym and then perhaps give the snowshoes a go?
Thanks to the monstrous winds- the neighbors across the street got half the snow we did..
My UGG’s were suppose to come today, but thanks to the weather, they will be here tomorrow.. hopefully! UGGhh!!!

Also- Got the dress in for the wedding, fit’s great: only a few more days! Expecting my cousins to come stay with JB and I for a night or two, super excited to see them!

green tip. Pay bills online: Paperless billing not only saves trees; it also eliminates the fossil fuel needed to get all those dozens and dozens of billing envelopes from them to you and back again. Plus, you’ll save money on stamps, which can really add up over time. That will cut down on inks and adhesives needed by the U.S. Post Office, and every little bit helps.