Happy New year!

Finally! Home.. we went up to Smuggler’s Notch, VT for NYE with some peeps to do some snowboarding and ring in the new year.. had a blast, here’s just a few pics of what went on:

..a smorgasbord of food Friday night before the ball drop.. (just a little bit of the buffet we had)

on the mountain..

and last but not least the Zipline course we ventured on!..

.. so The ZIPLINE was the coolest part by far. Sooooo much fun! the weather was unseasonably warm so the snow was a bit sticky for boarding, but still fun. Fri and Sat we boarded all day til about 3-ish (no night skiing there) and Saturday JB and I went to the gym at the Condo complex.

It was probably THE smallest gym I have ever seen in my life.. and the fact we had to pay to use it.. UGH. Oh well. Got a semi-decent sweat on, just enough to make us feel as though we did something!

New years resolutions?… nothing “NEW” really- not really into changing much. I guess just to stick with my work outs and perhaps ramp up my training? and sign up for a few more races this year.. and even a Century ride with JB.

what’s for a snack? plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit! I was craving a bunch of fresh fruit after the trip this weekend, so while doing groceries today just couldn’t help myself..green tip. Caffeine fertilizer? Save your old coffee grinds and reuse them for great fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants!