Wednesday Winner

Happy Hump Day gang!

animal funny wednesday

Hope you are having a fabulous week so far. I have been busy busy busy, sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do... aaaaand JB does too. I've started back in the ER at Leominster and it feels good to be back at the bedside. I'm trying to find my groove again, which is the most frustrating part. Being away from patient care for over 2 years is a long time, but it's all coming back to me.. day by day :) Trying to stay positive!

The winner for my Trader Joe's Giveaway goes to Heather over at ThenHeatherSaid! Heather, Please e-mail me with your contact info by next Friday and I'll get it you you! Congrats and Enjoy!

As for me on this Wednesday: my workout is done. Now it's time for coffee and work...

I'm optimistic about making a few of these recipes soon... hopefully on Saturday I'll be able to get more food prep in!

paleo prep meals

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of your week :)

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends.. and Happy Spring!

Did you enter my Trader Joe's Favorite Pantry Item Giveaway yet?... Go for it!

trader joe's giveaway

Here's a few of my Favorite things lately:


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Eats: Mexican Food!

JB and I love our Mexican food. Since going to Mexico our obsession has magnified. We just bought 12 avocados, and some Golden Masa on Amazon to make our own corn tortillas.

corn masa

One thing we have to attempt is making Green Chili sauce with tomatillos and Serrano peppers. I'm on the hunt for those now. Anyone in the Central MA area know where I can find some good authentic Mexican Food?

Song- it's a weird video, but a good song!

When I need a Laugh:

Go to "Animal Funny" on Pinterest... It always makes me laugh :)

animal funny

Pins for "On the Go" Snacks and Bars.

I started working in the ER at Leominster, and having nutritious quick bars and snacks is going to be a savior. When you can't sit down and eat your lunch or breakfast, making nutrient dense foods in bar, liquid or ball form are great!

healthy snacks

Happy Friday! Have a great day :)

Have anything fun planned for the weekend?

What's your favorite "portable on the go" snack?