Okay, here’s the truth.

Truth: You guys let me know the blog will be missed, and THAT is why I’ve decided to keep it.

Things will be changing a little, however I’ll continue my Blogging. I have been going back and forth and finalized that I DO love sharing with you, and THANK YOU for letting me know that :)

I’m still trying to figure out how to “share” with without Instagram, twitter etc. So any thoughts just send them my way! Since my last post- I deleted my Social media apps on my phone, and the links to my computer. That alone has made a HUGE difference. I still have Facebook, but have found myself barely logging on- which is great. I’ll use my Facebook- not as a constant media check in, but as a place to share my blog- that’s pretty much it. I encourage my followers to comment on the blog site, instead of Facebook as I won’t be checking it all the time. But has deleting these things changed my life? No- however I don’t miss it at all. Life is just Better. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just better. I’ve already found myself loving to read. (Jodi Picoult is a great author if you need a good book) I actually enjoy going to the Library now, and I’m attempting to learn how to knit… I swear I’m a 90 year old trapped in a 29 year old body.

I still browse Pinterest now and again because I have more free time to actually make things like this:


and turn them into this (with JB’s help of course). Loving it!


Or make This: What is it?  A homemade citrus cleaner! It was super easy, just need to find myself a glass spray bottle.


Next up on the docket is to make this: I’ll be using it for a recycle center instead of a hamper.


Turkey Day (and a lot of snow) is upon us! Hoping you and your family a wonderful day tomorrow! The one thing I’m hoping for is that the UMASS Turkey dinner I get will be filling and tasty… don’t comment on that.

Gobble Gobble :)

My take on Social Media


Hi all. I want to start by thanking you for following my blog. Especially those of you who comment and actually READ it. I have been writing it on and off for years now and loved sharing my life with you, however all things must come to an end.

I’m logging off social media. Why? One good one is that it’s a waste of time. Here’s a few more

  • It’s addictive.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Disconnected from the real world.

How often do you find yourself checking Facebook updates for people you don’t even know? Better yet- how many strangers like your Instagram picture? Oh and Twitter? #istilldontgetit.

Here is a great article about cutting out social media and how much it really effects you. I couldn’t agree with it more. I already deleted my Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter. And honestly, haven’t missed it one bit. I have already found myself with more time on my hands, to do the things I enjoy.

Next is Facebook, and soon my Blog.

I challenge you to take a good look at where you are spending your time. I’m not losing friends by deleting social media, I’m only losing the virtual ones.

Have a fabulous day!

♥ Meg